Leibish & Co. Funktionen Expertise in farbigen Diamanten für einzigartige Verlobungsringe oder Jubiläumsgeschenke

The Short variation: if you should be looking for a distinctive engagement ring or special wedding gift, Leibish & Co. has a robust inventory of high-quality, colourful, and conflict-free expensive diamonds and gems. The family-run business was functioning online since 1998 with your own touch who has received recurring business from around the world. Leibish & Co. makes it easy purchase loose stones or even to utilize the complimentary “Design your very own” instrument to carry your own perfect piece of jewellery your. With decades of expertise and good design under the buckle, Leibish & Co. is on the verge of expanding the supply to watches and various other accessories.


When Leibish Polnauer established 1st on line diamond business in 1998, it got nearly a complete time to upload one picture and explanation to his site — but he had been a visionary whom noticed potential inside the fledgling arena of e-commerce. “as he sees the potential in an idea, he’ll fit everything in in the power to advance with it,” mentioned Benji Margolese, Director of Content promotion for Leibish & Co.

Leibish created a fruitful, family-run process together with his girlfriend and children helping in authority roles. Obtained cultivated a successful web based business with workplaces located globally. Leibish & Co. is a leader in unique colored expensive diamonds and gemstones which happen to be difficult to get in other places. Its expensive diamonds may also be conflict-free, which will be a significant factor for a lot of buyers.

“folks visited all of us simply because they look for anything a little different, some thing a bit more unique than the rest of us provides,” Benji said.

While Leibish & Co. offers high-quality conventional expensive diamonds, the organization specializes in colourful, unique jewellery. Whenever requested why business features this type of a high client return price, Benji easily pinpoints the reason.

“It’s a mix of excellent products, great solution, and jewelry created into the greatest levels of brilliance,” the guy mentioned. “The precious jewelry we make just isn’t your everyday, mass-produced kind of product. Each piece is actually tailor-made to completely suit the diamond or gemstone picked of the client.”

A family group Affair With private Service

Leibish & Co. is actually a genuine family company, with Leibish’s members of the family playing important roles in organization.

Leibish serves as Founder and chairman regarding the company, while their girlfriend, Rosi, is the business’ Events management. Their eldest girl, Chavi, functions as the Lead Jewelry Designer — basically a huge duty since custom jewelry accocunts for a lot more than 50% of this organizations business, Benji mentioned.

Leibish’s eldest child, Yossi, will be the CEO of Leibish & Co. Another daughter, Shmulik, that is a graduate for the Gemological Institute of The usa, is the Chief Diamond Buyer your organization. “Shmulik is, genuinely, one of the majority of talented shade diamond experts in the,” Benji stated.

Leibish’s son Itzik may be the organization’s COO and works the New York company on Fifth Avenue. Yoni, who is the youngest of Leibish’s five kiddies, may be the organization’s CFO.

“as among the longtime people in the group, I can tell you that, though there isn’t any relationship, they consider me personally, and others, part of their loved ones,” Benji said. “everyone bring our personal expertise on the company, but work together to regularly grow the organization.”

Clients are additionally treated like family members at Leibish & Co., in which the company invests energy into individual solution and sales. “have you ever dealt with one certain representative, for example, this is the same person could usually deal with, regardless of what you happen to be phoning or creating within,” Benji stated. “We don’t have confidence in moving consumers around to various departments when they have a concern or particular issue they would like to cope with.”

Customers result from all around the World

Leibish has multiple different types of consumers: discover people, whom mainly shop through site, retailers, and people for the trade business, which usually look at the businesses main workplaces in ny, Israel, and Hong-Kong.

Many Leibish & Co.’s customers are from the US. The subsequent most widely used audience is Canada, with the uk, Australia, Hong Kong, in addition to remainder of European countries.

Customers at each period of life shop at Leibish & Co., though the majority are between your centuries of 35 and 54, Benji said. Furthermore, the company garners about 300,000 web site visits monthly — and keeps nearly all of their customers coming back again.

“with more than a 70% return buyer status, we remain one of the most famous organizations within our niche,” he mentioned.

Colourful Diamonds & Gemstones With a “Design your” Option

Leibish & Co. holds high-end jewellery, but additionally keeps inventory versatility, especially for internet based customers, Benji said. The business sells countless loose diamonds and precious gemstones, but their essential items are personalized jewelry designs.

“We hold big number of multicolor diamond and gem precious jewelry, with a few regarding the rarest tones ever before viewed,” the guy said. “Our company is recognized best by our very own bread-and-butter services and products — yellowish diamond and green diamond engagement rings. However, we offer diamond jewelry of almost every shade, and important gemstones — including sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We sell jewellery constructed with colorless diamonds, as well, but all of our knowledge is within the realm of tone.”

For customers who’ve anything in your mind and require help which makes it possible, Leibish & Co. offers a “Design your very own” jewelry instrument, which Benji stated is the most popular item.

“Naturally, when looking for a unique portion, people usually want certain stones and establishing types they will have already dropped in deep love with,” the guy stated. The “Design Your Own” instrument allows consumers to create an item using the stone, placing, and steel regarding option.

“it permits them to deliver their own dreams to life — with your expertise in design,” Benji told all of us.

Add-ons & unique on the web Tools in Store for Leibish & Co.

because it seems forward to the near future, Leibish & Co. is actually slowly changing toward higher-ticket items and more product range. The company feels comfy branching out over new product lines due to the devotion and passion it applies to perfect their present projects.

“There is spoken of launching many different accessories — such luxury watches, purses, plus pencils,” Benji stated. “But we made a decision to hold back until we 1st perfected our main distinct product, in fact it is diamond jewelry.”

Leibish & Co. normally researching to carry on refining their popular web site, as well. One of the ways it intends to boost their online knowledge is through adding enhanced real life functions, which will provide digital shoppers a lot more of an in-store knowledge.

As a company featuring its roots in colorful diamonds and ecommerce, Leibish & Co. continues to innovate in a traditional sector which views modification while the exception, maybe not the guideline.

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